Gaia Wallpaper Desktop

Gaia Wallpaper Desktop 1.2

Developer Gaia Dream Creation Inc.

This wallpaper manager offers intelligent desktop management and cool wallpaper effects. Customize y...

Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer

Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer 1.0

Developer Fun Desktop

Tired of your desktop wallpaper? Change it immediately! You think that it's tiresome to change deskt...

DWP Timer

DWP Timer 1.6

Developer PAMO Software

Desktop Wallpaper Timer changes your wallpaper automatically using your photos.

GT Desktop

GT Desktop 1.4

Developer Gareth T Hadfield

GT Desktop gives you full control over your desktop wallpaper.v.


Transparent Date AND Time Desktop Wallpaper

Desktop Wallpaper Manager

Desktop Wallpaper Manager 1.1

Developer Computer-Expert Group

Desktop Wallpaper Manager allows you to easily change your desktop wallpaper.


ScreenThemes 3.0

Developer Vision X Software, Inc.

Screen Themes lets you use your favorite images as wallpaper easily and fast.

Desktop Wallpaper Changer

Desktop Wallpaper Changer 1.5

Developer CFSoft, Inc.

Desktop Wallpaper Changer is a wallpaper downloader and switcher.

Uranium Desktop

Uranium Desktop 1.2

Developer BiBa SOFTWARE

Randomly change your wallpaper with one click or every few minutes/days/etc.


WallpaperWarp 1.0

Developer MH Software

WallpaperWarp is a desktop wallpaper changer for Windows.

Desktop Wallpaper

Desktop Wallpaper 1.0

Developer Small Business Services

Desktop Wallpaper contains 19 high quality JPEG files.

Magic Desktop Wallpaper

Magic Desktop Wallpaper 1.1

Developer Desktop100 Company, Inc.

Magic Desktop Wallpaper can dynamically show the digital photos and pictures on the desktop in slide...

Lalosoft Date and Time Picker Control

Lalosoft Date and Time Picker Control 1.1

Developer Leave a Light on Software, Inc.

Adjust Date and Time

Adjust Date and Time 1.0

Developer Henkel


Wallperizer 1.2

Developer George Hara

Wallperizer is a desktop wallpaper changer software.


Transparent Date AND Time Desktop Wallpaper

Date and Time

Date and Time 1.0



Light-Vortex-1-FVZ8W01T6G-1680x1050 1.0

Developer WallpaperPimper

The Light Vortex wallpaper below has been resized to fit within this window.


Inferno-1-PJM3AWQJQB-1600x1200 1.0

Developer WallpaperPimper

Inferno wallpaper for your desktop on 1600x1200 resolution.

Halloween desktop wallpaper

Halloween desktop wallpaper 2.0

Developer Artdocks

A animated halloween desktop wallpaper and brought into a night of terror.

Bubble Desktop Wallpaper

Bubble Desktop Wallpaper 2.0

Developer Artdocks

It is a fun wallpaper that generates flying bubbles over your desktop screen.

Change Files Date and Time

Change Files Date and Time 1.0

Developer Martik Panosian


Fractal-13-WRSEAC3LE2-800x600 1.0

Developer WallpaperPimper

The Fractal wallpaper download has been resized to fit within this window.


Model-Mansion-1-XHM5GT4EQ9-800x600 1.0

Developer WallpaperPimper

Post Wallpapers to MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, Orkut, and more.

Free Desktop Fish Wallpaper

Free Desktop Fish Wallpaper 1.1

Developer DigiAquaScr

Free Desktop Fish Wallpaper.

Desktop Snow Wallpaper

Desktop Snow Wallpaper 1.0

Developer CustomAquariumScr

Desktop Snow Wallpaper.

Date and Time in Unicode Nepali

Date and Time in Unicode Nepali 1.0

Developer Kiran Pantha

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